1855 1 41 Mary Ogden Clement Moores Daughter


5 thoughts on “1855 1 41 Mary Ogden Clement Moores Daughter

  1. admin Post author

    I am not sure, it depends on the age, if it is a reproduction etc. I’d guess (just a guess) in the $200 range. ;_)

  2. Ellie Anderson

    This book was in my mom’s things. It is not bound together. The book is just like the pictures above. How can I tell if it is a reproduction? It measures 7 1/8 h and
    5 1/16w.

    Thanks for your help,

    Ellie Anderson

  3. admin Post author

    There were a good number of reprints of that book. I am not sure how to determine if it is from 1855 or a reprint except to take it to a rare bookstore and ask them to take a look at it.

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